Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anelka Talk About Himself

"I am not one to talk a lot, certainly not in the dressing room, but that is not being rude, it's because I am basically shy"

"Other players will tell you I don't speak too much. But they respect who I am and how I am"

"I converted to Islam when I was 16 because most of the kids in the Paris suburb where I grew up were Muslim. I don't pray in the dressing room or anything like that"

"It's a private thing that I take home with me but I like to live a good life"

"So who is the real Nicolas Anelka? I am just a simple person. I want to enjoy my football. I don't do much outside. I just go home and watch TV and sit with my friends"

"The image of me as some sort of trouble-maker is wrong. I don't go out much and you will never see me drunk"

"And on the pitch I have just one red card, when I was at City - against Arsenal!"

"For me, a good night out is at a restaurant with family and friends. That's it."

Interview by ROB SHEPHERD
(www.notw.co.uk, 28/11/2009)


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