Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Most Feared Striker Duo in Premier League

Last Premier League season, Anelka won Golden Boat with 19 goals. His partership with Dider Drogba made they are the league's most feared striker duo. Here is Anelka said about his partnership.

"For years people have seen me just as an out and out striker but I wanted to play in a pair," he says.

"I did it for that brief time at Liverpool with either Michael Owen or Emile Heskey and really liked it"

"Despite what people think I am just as happy to make goals than score them. At the moment this is what I try and do for Didier. I have changed my position"

"When we are together I operate as the second striker, almost a midfielder, and it works"

"But he tries to do the same for me when he can. People were wrong in the first half of last season when they thought there was friction between us"

"There wasn't. We just wanted to play as two strikers together like we are now"

"I won the Golden Boot last year but maybe Didier will this season. It's a partnership. When I first arrived we spoke about it but it took nearly a year for it to happen."

Interview by ROB SHEPHERD
(, 28/11/2009)