Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hope the Best for Abidal

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell said that French veteran Eric Abidal is “recovering well” from his liver transplant in March, adding: “That is great news. Eric, we are all waiting for you here.”

Abidal, muslim soccer player, had surgery to remove a tumour from his liver last year but after playing again he had to have a transplant on April 10, 2012 with part of an organ donated by his cousin.

The doctor who performed the transplant did not rule out the possibility of Abidal playing again. Doctors revealed that he could still play football in the near future if he wishes. Hope Abidal can be play again in the field.

Ozil Ready for Euro 2012 Semi-final

Mesut Ozil, muslim soccer player, set up two of Germany's four goals in the quarter-final win over Greece and is hopeful he can have a similar impact on tonight Semi-final Euro 2012 against Italy.

"If we play to our potential, then we will beat Italy team" said muslim soccer player, Ozil. "We are here to bring the European title back to Germany and I am convinced we can do it"

"Italy are very strong, the are technically superbly organized. Even against Spain in the group stages, they had a fantastic game. They are absolutely rightly there where they belong. But if we play as we can we will win."

Germany's Mesut Ozil speaking to the media in Gdansk today. - Photograph: Uefa/Getty Images

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Philippe Senderos, Fulham; Switzerland

Switzerland footballer who currently plays as a defender in the English Premier League club, Fulham, Philippe Senderos decides to embrace Islam. Philippe Senderos, a muslim soccer player, has previously played for Arsenal, AC Milan and Everton.

He claimed to have converted to Islam at a center in Manchester, England, Wednesday (20/6). Philippe is a graduate of theology, he was reported to show much interest in the religions of the world. Outside activities as a football athlete, he was well read and learn things about religion. "I am very interested in the religions of the world," said Senderos.

Senderos admitted to see the benefits and guidelines of Islam. Therefore he decided to choose to become a Muslim. "If I did not play football I would probably be a priest," he said.

Benzema and Quarter Final Euro 2012

French public can still hope to the new striker in Euro 2012. He is Karim Benzema, 24-year-old muslim soccer player who is now plays for Spanish club Real Madrid. Seeing his ability, Benzema could be a potential player to rally the French line of attack in the future.

Facing the European Cup in 2012, French national team could count on the ability of Benzema. Algerian descent player is undergoing an impressive season with Real Madrid. Throughout this season, he became one of El Real goal machine Championship with 31 goals in all competitions.

Even though in three matches before Benzema has failed to shine, but Laurent Blanc still tipping him to play a starring role when French encounter Spain in quarterfinal Euro 2012. "Karim would like to score a goal. He's had a few chances so far but unfortunately he's not been able to." said French coach Laurent Blanc.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid; Germany

Mesut Ozil is a muslim soccer player who plays for Real Madrid in Spanish La Liga and Germany national soccer team. Ozil is a known player as practicing Muslim, he always recites Al-Fatihah before each match begin. Ozil said: "I always do that before I go out, I pray and my teammates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period."

Ozil is known not hesitate to show his Muslim identity in front of his teammates. He practicing to pray because he want to find peace and facilitated by Allah along 90 minutes on the field with a costumed Los Blancos. As shown in Youtube video below, muslim soccer player, Mesut Ozil caught when his hand was tipped over while reading the Al-Fatihah.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ozil Celebrate Goal with Pray

Ozil is not getting carried away with euphoria after scoring a goal. He just celebrate by hugged each other with teammates and the praying. As watched from Youtube video below, when Ozil scored the goal for example. He just wiped sweat from his face with jersey, afterwards raised both hands as a muslim soccer player ritual performed when communicating with Allah swt.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Darijo Srna; Croatia

Darijo Srna is a muslim soccer player who plays for Shakhtar Donets and the Croatia national football team. Darijo, born to a Croat mother and Bosnian Muslim father in Metkovic near Dubroviv, was fond of helping the less fortune.

Srna, muslim soccer player, ever recorded buy match tickets and pay transportation for 920 orphans. At other times, he bought his father, Mercedez cars. And also on near their residence Srna build a very good football pitch for children around the apartment.